Hair Extensions


We are pleased to offer a variety of installation methods based on your needs and desires, schedule a complimentary consultation today.


Our Professional Extension Hair is 100% cuticle intact human Remy Hair that is ethically sourced.
Clip-In Extension

You can have the fullest, longest hair you’ve ever had with our premium quality extensions using a temporary installation method.

Tape-In Extension

Installed using adhesive tape. This method provides a secure and comfortable feel as well as easy removal and reapplication to the Guest’s hair. Great for all hair types especially clients with thin hair as tapes lay flat against the head and are virtually undetectable.

K-Tip Extension
Installed​ with a heating tool that bonds a silicone additive to the natural hair for free movement and naturally layered texture. Great for all hair types because the attachment is very small and can be customized by cutting the hair extension to be virtually undetectable. This method is great for someone who loves to put their hair up and go as it provides flexible movement.
I-Tip Extension

Installed using strand by strand beaded application for maximum versatility and movement along with easy removal and reapplication to the Guest’s hair. Great for someone who loves to put their hair up and go as this method is integrated with natural hair and provides flexible movement.

Volume Weft Extension
Installed by creating a beaded foundation and sewing in the weft extensions for voluminous full coverage. This method allows for easy removal and reapplication to the Guest’s hair. Great for clients with dense hair that want full coverage of their natural hair. This application can also be used in combination with other methods and can be deconstructed to customize the density for finer hair types.

Illuminate your hair.  Enhance your hair colour in a matter of minutes without having to colour and damage your own hair.

Struggling to grow your hair? Add the length you’ve always dreamed of by adding a few or as many extensions as you desire!

Create fullness! Even simply fill thinner hair to create fullness, rather then length and create the sexy hair you have always dreamed of.  Hair extensions are the perfect solution for adding length, volume, texture, colour or even fullness.

We would love to talk to you personally, We welcome you to book a complimentary consultation.


To ensure longevity and beauty of your extensions, it is crucial to take the follow steps and special care to ensure longevity of your new hair:

• Avoid excessively scrubbing your hair.
• Never colour, perm or use any other chemicals on your hair.
• Avoid tangles and knots by drying your hair thoroughly before going to bed.
• Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb or pick, gently from ends to roots first.
• Brush your extensions gently.

Remember, always consult with your stylist to prevent any damage to your new investment.  We’re here to help!


Pricing is extremely variable, depending on how many extensions, what type of extensions and the method.  The total cost will inevitably vary depending on the desired result.

We welcome you to book in for a complimentary consultation whereby we can provide specific information tailored to your needs.

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